This patented technology is scientifically validated and cleared by the FDA. It assists physicians in managing patients’ health by providing a detailed analysis of the patient’s current condition.
The NMS-100 performs a range of tests that are considered analytical and preventative (covered by most insurance companies). The test is non-invasive and takes approximately 7 minutes to complete an
assessment. Further insights are as follows…
  • User friendly
  • Wellness Driven Medicine
  • Defensive 21st century medicine
  • Device assists the physician in becoming more value based to coincide with the expected business model of the future
  • Detects hidden medical challenges through observance of over 30 bio markers
  • Provides risk factors for various disorders
  • Provides immediate determination of real time comprehensive conclusions
  • Can access report on body composition with diet and lifestyle changes
  • Confirms blood pressure
  • Arterial Stiffness indicators
  • Autonomic Nervous System indicators
  • Sudomotor Function indicators
  • Body Composition indicators
  • Results are immediately displayed on screen assisting the physician with interpreting said results
  • INTERPRETATION is made easy using statistical software, charts, and graphs
Overall, the NMS-100 affords significant value and insights to a qualifying health practice by implementing proven technology, translating to preventative healthcare and increased patient care, while concurrently increasing revenue potential.


What Does Nex Medical Solutions Offer The Physician Practice?


  • Cutting-Edge Innovative Technology and Services, Translating to Improved Healthcare Outcomes

  • Expert Training and Ongoing Support

  • Expedient Technology Implementation and Revenue Potential

  • Referral to Third-Party Billing Companies Tenured In ANS Reimbursements


Improving Healthcare Solutions “Improving Patient Care - Improving Practice Efficiency - Improving Practice Revenue”