Nex Medical Solutions is committed to provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to enhance patient care while contemporaneously increasing practice revenue. To that end, Nex Medical Solutions is designed to operate as the preeminent leader in comprehensive and technologically advanced medical solutions for healthcare professionals across the nation, by providing state-of- the-art,medical technology and services affording their patients transcending preventative care, while increasing practice revenue potential (commensurate with regulatory statutes).

Improving healthcare is our focus and passion. Our platform provides the finest technology based on advanced scientific principles, complemented by medical technology support services, which are second to none. Recognizing technology and medical science is rapidly evolving, enables our innovative approach to address health and wellness challenges across the broad spectrum of healthcare.

The foregoing is accompanied with world-class customer service, integrity, and transparency, thereby honoring our everlasting commitment of excellence to each and every relationship. These fundamental principles and dynamic strategic vision, combined with cutting-edge technology, capture the essence of Nex Medical Solutions.

We look forward to exploring the opportunities that our healthcare solutions and team of acumen professionals may afford your medical practice.



Nex Medical Solutions operates via its 25,000
square foot facility in Detroit, Michigan.

Improving Healthcare Solutions “Improving Patient Care - Improving Practice Efficiency - Improving Practice Revenue”